2007 - 2017 YDR Extreme Lifted Performance Kit

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The Yamaha Drive is a real slug, stock or lifted. There is just not enough weight in the primary clutch. The bushings in the primary clutch wear very fast and cause horrible back shifting and sticking. Plowman's has developed all new weights for the primary clutch, primary spring and new state of the art Teflon impregnated bushings with much tighter tolerance. This kit comes with a new primary clutch, new style secondary clutch including all necessary hardware which will be set up specifically for your cart, performance belt, jets, high flow lifetime air filter, carb gaskets and fuel filter. You will receive a tool list and cart prep list for the tuning procedure that you will do with Don on the phone once the kit is installed. You won't believe it's the same cart when we finish tuning it. You will need to call to set up a time that you would like for tuning and it takes about an hour on the phone with Don.