Charge Plus

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Finally a charger that will charge ALL carts!! We have worked hand and hand with a company to develop a charger that will charge 12-24-36-48 volt carts. It will start running with as little as 2 volts. It will convert to a maintenance mode once the charge is completed. No more unplugging your charger after a charge cycle or dead batteries due to long term sitting with it plugged in. It also has a digital display that shows the battery pack voltage and how many amps your cart is taking plus a lot more. Our charger only weighs 10 lbs verses the old transformer chargers that are 30 lbs plus. Our charger runs 90% cooler than the old chargers, this is a digital high frequency charger that charges much faster than the old chargers. They are programmable from 15-20-25 amps. They come with a new cord for your particular cart and a two year warranty.