YDR 2012 1/2 to 2016 NON EFI Performance Kit

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We have developed a performance kit for the 2012 1/2 to 2016 carburated carts, the performance gains are amazing with huge bottom mid and top end power. We start by jetting the carb with both pilot and main jet, carb settings, modding the air box per our colored picture instructions, installing our high flow lifetime air filter, then install rear clutch with our performance kevlar belt. Then give Don a call and he will walk you through the tuning process over the phone, this will include setting up your valve train to our spec correctly and many other adjustments. Plan on approximately 1 hour of phone time. You won't believe the difference with this kit. Please call first before sending in your clutch so we can do an inspection over the phone to insure they are not worn out. Your kit will be shipped out the same day we receive your clutch.