clutch rebuilding

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Plowman's offers primary clutch rebuilding for your G16 - G22 carts. The clutches were designed to give great service for four to five years, after that the movable sheave bushings wear out and it will apply to much force to one roller and lock it up and drag the weight up the roller and create a flat spot. If it has been wore out for a long time it will create flat spots on more than one roller. This will kill the performane of your cart. We start by acid cleaning of your clutch, install new sheave bushings, new slider bushings, seals, and new rollers, then we machine the ramps on the weights back to oem profile. We will also recrimp the dust cover to remove that ting ting ting noise that you hear while driving. We do all this the same day it is received and ship it back to you the same day.